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Wednesday, 2014-09-17, 5:30 PM
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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to World History! I'm going to lay out the calendar for our class and want you to download the corresponding pages. Look for the Introduction ZIP. 

9/2- 1st Day Introductions

9/3- Syllabus, What are we going to study? How are we going to study? HW: Get materials, write lyrics of favorite song on SOAPstone page, color Cover page and Timeline page#1 of notebook, hole punch all pages (1-5) and place in binder, download and print pages (6-17) and place in notebook. 

9/4- Finish How we are going to study?/ SOAPStone- U2 & your lyrics

9/5- Watch Film: 

9/8- Socratic Seminar

9/9- Begin Unit I- Greco-Roman & Judeo-Christian Influences

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Hi Everyone,

For those interested in attending the Summer 2014 Summer trip, you can contact me by my email:

I will be planning a meeting this July at my home.  Exact date will be determined soon. Please email me letting me know of your interest. 



Mr. Morris

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6/2- Correct Exam/ Standards   HW: Print pages on Downloads

6/3- Map/ Film: Hotel Rwanda

6/4- Flim: Hotel Rwanda

6/5- Flim: Hotel Rwanda

6/6- Cornell Notes 1

6/9- Cornell Notes 2

6/10- 102 Minutes

6/11- Cornell Notes 3

6/12- Film: West Bank Story

6/13- Film: Goodbye Lenin

6/16- Film: Goodbye Lenin

6/17- Final Exams

6/18- Final Exams

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Hi Everyone,

Welcome back!!! My name is Mr. Morris and I will be your World History teacher this coming school year. Your first homework assignment is to print out the pages for your notebook and to get a new three subject notebook. It is important that you purchase the 8.5" by 11" notebook and to get a new three subject notebook. This allows you to glue handout pages directly into your notebook. If you buy the smaller notebook you will be constantly cutting pages to fit your book.

Things you will need:
- A 5 Subject 8.5" by 11" notebook- Meade makes a good one.
- A set of colored pencils.
- A wide ruled composition notebook.
- A blue, black and red ball point pen.
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